Monday, May 27, 2013

Eagle Project -fundraising mode

Hi All
As soon as I raise my project funds
I will be able to set a definite date to begin the project

Located in the Loveland Nature Preserve 
 on a nice wooded trail there is an old dilapidated bird blind
Once it was new and useful as a way to observe the many bird species up close.
 Taking pictures would be a good way to save the experiences

my Before photos are coming real soon
check back

cooking merit catfish at camp

The bird blind has been vandalized and not maintained through the years. 
My Eagle Project would be to re construct a new form of this bird blind area. 
I have chosen a design that  will not be so prone to vandalism
because it is more open to view from the trail.
I plan to replace the  bird-blind with my design
 and add new bird feeders and a bench
With the help of the city of Loveland, and local merchants
  for tools and lumber
and the hard work of family and friends
 we will rejuvenate the bird blind this summer.

click on the sentence below to go to a link I have used
to learn about bird blinds