Sunday, August 11, 2013

tear down of the old blind with my patrol

August 2013
The old bird blind in Loveland
 has been vandalized and not maintained
 through the years. 

My Eagle Project would be to re construct 
a new form of this bird blind area. 

I have chosen a design
 that  will not be so prone to vandalism

because it is more open to view from the trail.

I plan to replace the  bird-blind with my design

 and add new bird feeders and a bench

With the help of the city of Loveland,
 and local merchants

  for tools and lumber

and the hard work of family and friends

 we will rejuvenate the bird blind this summer/ fall.
click on the sentence below to
 go to a link I have used to learn about bird blinds
 go here to read all about 
wild life viewing and bird-blinds

the OLD Blind is vandalized and falling apart

tearing down the old bird-blind first is complete now

going to redo the feeders too

taking off the old roof

looks better already

this is alll that is left of the old blind structure -it was hard work

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Update Eagle Project plan

These are some pictures of the current 
vandalized and worn out bird blind. 
I have blurred out the graffiti to keep things more nice.
 I am planning to tear down the structure 
this Saturday with my patrol.

old worn out bird feeders

time for a tear-down